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Tongfang Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established in 1997.Over the years, Tongfang has taken ‘developing into a world-class high-tech enterprise’ as its goal, and ‘serving the society with science and technology’ as its mission. The company, by making use of strengths of Tsinghua University in research and human resources, has been implementing such strategies as ‘technology + capital’, ‘cooperation and development’ and ‘branding + internationalization’. With a corporate culture featuring ‘action, exploration and excellence; loyalty, responsibility and value’, Tongfang has been making explorations and innovations in industries of information, energy and environment. As of 2013, Tongfang’s has a total asset of more than $ 5 billion. Its annual revenue was over $ 3.5 billion. Moreover, Tongfang has been listed to the ‘100 Top Scientific and Technological Enterprises of China’, ‘100 Top Chinese Enterprises in Electronic Information’, ‘China’s Top 100 Enterprises of Credit’. 

    The company takes ‘information, security and energy-saving technology’ as its main business and ‘financial investment and Science Park’ as its supporting business. It has developed 12 industry clusters which has a close link to national development and people’s well-being, such as smart chip , computer, digital city , big data applications , multimedia, mobile internet , knowledge networks , security, semiconductors and lighting, environmental technology, energy saving and environmental protection. Tongfang has set up technology parks in Beijing, Hebei, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, etc. Tongfang is also active in the financial industry. As of now, Tongfang’s sub-companies such as Technovator ( Hong Kong stock code : 01206 ) , Guoxin ( stock code : 002049 ), Tellhow ( stock code : 600590 ) have been listed.