Tongfang Co., Ltd. ( stock code : 600100 ) was established in 1997 and listed so far, adhere to the " technology + capital" development strategy, based on information in the field and the energy and environment are two industries, and gradually formed a dozen big industry as the core backbone cluster development pattern. In the meantime, give full play to the listed company 's role in the investment and financing platform , through a share placement , issuance, placement , capital reserve , merger , acquisition of assets issue new shares , issue bonds and other means of capital operation , not only to support the backbone of industrial development , and foster special group of SMEs with growth potential .

By the end of 1997 , the company had total assets of 786 million , net assets of 513 million ; then the main business income of 385 million yuan , net profit of 69.43 million yuan . By the end of 2012, the company's total assets reached 33.702 billion yuan , net assets of 11.254 billion yuan , of which equity attributable to shareholders of the parent company 9.092 billion yuan ; 2012 , total revenue of 22.342 billion yuan , net profit of 843 million yuan , of which attributable to the parent net profit of 606 million yuan for the company's shareholders .

Capital platform to help industry

February 1998 , with the side to bearing debt mergers Jiangxi radio factory ( formerly Jiangxi 713 military factory ) , on the basis of constructed Tongfang military industrial clusters has become China's important military and civilian integration of electronic product development and production, as well as high-end industrial manufacturing base.

October 1998 , with the side to the way of private placement stock merger Shandong Lu Ying electronics company, which has now become a new high-performance electronic components specializing in the development, production and sales of Chinese high-tech enterprises.

October 1998 , with the side spin fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry life , founded Chengzhigufen Limited ( stock code : 000990 ) , the higher the income exit.

December 1999 , with the Party established the Qing Taihao Technology Co., Ltd. ( later renamed Tellhow Technology Co., Ltd. ) , and in 2002 (stock code : 600590 ) on the Shanghai Stock Exchange , China has become the industry leader in smart appliances .

February 2008 , with the side into the capital the Shanghai Media Group 's BesTV IPTV company , through a digital TV from hardware to content resources of a complete industrial chain , after the company backdoor SVA Information Exchange ( stock code : 600637 ) .

June 2010 , with the side by way of convertible Tangshan Jingyuan Yufeng Electronics Co. to become the largest shareholder ; 2012 , Crystal source electronic and Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics completion of the restructuring , the establishment of core electronics Tongfang Co., Ltd. ( stock code : 002049 ) ; 2013 , Tongfang Guoxin has completed the acquisition of Shenzhen State Microelectronics Co., Ltd. since then , the company has taken the first step to a successful independent microelectronics industry capital operation , in order to achieve the build China Microelectronics industry leaders aim to lay a solid foundation .

October 2011 , with the side 's Technovator International Limited on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange , later renamed Technovator International Technology Limited ( Hong Kong stock code : 01206 ) . Currently, the company has become the party of international capital operation platform , its intelligent building control operations from sales to product development in areas such as the development of building energy efficiency .

February 2013 , the acquisition of Beijing Tongfang One Person One Information Technology Co., Ltd. , to promote the development of mobile Internet services .

Help enhance the value of the Combination

To promote industrial development, with the side initiated the establishment of high-tech services ( cloud computing, big data , next generation Internet , digital content , etc. ) Venture Capital Fund , a scale of 250 million yuan ,